5 Things You Never Knew Could Be Wrapped

By Spencer Tanase


It’s that time of year again: the holidays are upon us and there are piles of gifts that need wrapping. While some people love gift wrapping and others hate it, who doesn’t love being the recipient a well-wrapped gift?

Disclaimer: do NOT try to tearing into your newly-wrapped vehicle like a gift; there’s no present underneath. Just paint.

Here at DME Visual , we enjoy the wrapping process from start to finish, so for us it feels like Christmas all year ‘round. While we reminisce about the wonderful feeling of opening an exciting new gift, let’s take a look at 5 surprising things you probably never knew could be wrapped:


 1. A Drum Set – ♪ bah-dum-tss ♪

Take a look at this epic drum set wrap by Curry Reprographics featuring Batman comic strip panels. I don’t know what it costs or if it’s for sale (I don’t even play the drums) but I am so ready to purchase this as a gift (for myself) anyway. It’s also possible to wrap other musical instruments, such as guitars, cellos, and pianos.

2. Lockers

There are two main reasons for wrapping things: 1) Taking something naturally good looking, like a sports car, and further enhancing it, and 2) Taking something mundane, like a plain wall, and transforming it into something much more fun to look at. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of plain-looking lockers I’ve come across in my life, and thankfully I haven’t been keeping track. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how our team here at DME Visual wrapped the now-stylish lockers below.

3. Garbage Cans

These “garbage gobblers” by Ampco Grafix are pretty self explanatory. I don’t know how I feel about this particular design overall, but it’s definitely… unique. It seems like a good way to teach kids to recycle or throw away their trash: put it in “Mr. Nom Nom’s” creepy (and/or inviting?) mouth to make him happy so he doesn’t attack you.

4. An Entire Parking Lot

We’ve all seen architectural wraps and marketing stunts before, but this parking lot wrap takes that concept to the extreme. The technical term for it is a “wallscape” or “ambient advertisement,” and this one was designed by TM Advertising & Orange Barrel Media.

5) Your Cat

Now that you’re primed to look, keep your eyes peeled for unique and interesting wraps and feel free to share any you see in the comments below. Have a great holiday season!