One of our favorite large-scale installations of 2017, the headquarters of Vogue International got a new look with the help of colorful graphic vinyl and metallic finish vinyl lettering.

This project shows that graphics don’t have to cover every surface to communicate a brand message. These graphics work with the existing design of the company’s offices to create an air of fresh, clean beauty with accents of tropical colors and feminine fun, just like the products they sell.

Sometimes less is more, and this is definitely the case with vinyl lettering and other graphic vinyl finishes. If you’re interested in having the same done for your business, you can always get in touch for a free quote! View our portfolio here.

Custom graphic saying Innovation is Our Business
Take A Break wall decals for Vogue International office
White seating area with white chairs, gray couch, slate gray rug, white shelves with colorful bottles of hair products on them on an accent wall with a decorative pattern of aqua-colored stripes and pink leaves and palm fronds Vogue International offices