Just like a theme park or a corporate headquarters, a university needs to establish good branded environments to attract new prospects and continue to inspire the people who are already there.

Jacksonville University has the advantage of athletics programs that are inspiring on their own. These graphic wraps, banners, and standoffs simply help create dramatic environments to reinforce the message and generate school spirit in visitors and students alike.

From sweeping large-format graphics to small-scale prints for interior spaces, we worked hard to create a sense of drama and power for JU’s athletes.

Interested in acrylic prints, custom vinyl or other large-format digital prints? As you’ve seen, you don’t have to be a business or theme park to get great branded spaces!

Whether a university or other non-profit organization, DME Visual is ready to help make your custom graphics dreams a reality.

Ready to get started? Simply get in touch and we can get you a quote for your business or organization shortly. Or you can check out the rest of our portfolio to see more examples of incredible graphics and printing.

Jacksonville University Acrylic Standoffs
Jacksonville University exterior wall wrap
Jacksonville University basketball wall wraps and signs