There is a saying, “Take pride in your work! A job well done is a meaningful accomplishment.” The Walmart Distribution Center in Cocoa actively promotes this and wants its employees to take great pride in their work as well. Therefore, Walmart is practicing what they preach by taking pride in their employees, their region and in their overall mission.

Walmart is emphasizing this by using wall wraps and employee recognition walls to show support for their employees. They turned one of their training rooms into a spaceship cockpit with murals of outer space and the galaxy on the entire wall. While sitting at your desk or workspace you can look to your right to see an image of the earth with the inspirational words “Engage, Enable, and Empower” illuminated. As you look to the left you will see space lit up with a fiber optic wall. If that room is not enough to energize employees, take a walk down the hallways of the facility to see the wall wraps of the moon landing, shuttle launches and a recognition wall named “Mission Specialists.”  Walmart even has foam core cutouts of spaceships throughout the facility.

Through these wraps, Walmart is not only showing pride through their work area, but they are also conveying to their employees how proud they are of them. This distribution center has a large military presence so Walmart wanted to find a way to show support for the military by having us install a long wall mural that represents each branch of service: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. This wall represents an enormous thank you to all who have served. The wall would not be complete without an American flag so we wrapped two doors with a vinyl print of Old Glory. Walmart is also working on an employee recognition wall that will be covered in all the various military branch seals.

For their employees to really buy into their mission, Walmart has shown it takes tremendous pride in its team and staff. It is hard to walk anywhere in the facility without seeing the word “WALMART” or their famous Spark. Using foam core material and ready to apply graphics, Walmart further shows its pride throughout the facility with acrylic photos of founder Sam Walton. These photos are placed throughout the building along with his inspirational quotes to show how proud they are of their company.

It was a great honor working with Walmart to magnify its brand through digital printing and help foster a work environment that inspires its employees. View Our Portfolio.

Military wall wrap
Employee appreciation wall wrap with acrylic photo holders
Employee appreciation wall with foam core lettering
Vinyl wall wrap with acrylic lettering that lights up
branded environment and wall wrap with a spaceship
Vinyl wall wrap with fiber optic lighting
Cut out with vinyl wrap resembling door to ship
wall wrap with inspirational quotes
Walmart foam core lettering
Military inspired door wrap
Door wrap with Walmarts saying